Friday 18 November 2022

Slam quarters

Damnit Rock, but what a moment hitting that nine. That game's got to have given him so much confidence.

I don't see anything of particular interest in the quarters. Cullen's a touch short as I often find him to be, but there's not enough edge on Smith, 4/7 when I have him at 70% isn't quite the margin needed. Barney simply doesn't have the game to handle Price over this distance, looks clearly better than 80/20 and Price is only as long as he is based on weird Barney name recognition factor. Would be hilarious if RvB won, but I doubt it happens. Soutar's run probably comes to an end as well, it's been more than a nice cameo but Aspinall should close that out, 2/5 looks pretty much perfect, maybe underrating Nathan by a percentage or two, 4/11 might be more accurate. Then MvG against Humphries. Would love it if Luke could get this done but van Gerwen's playing far, far too well right now for this to happen that often. That said, the projection is giving Humphries a 43% shot. And we can get better than 2/1. Hmm. That's only on whatever a Spreadex is though. If you're going to go with anything, then go with Humphries I guess. I won't recommend a play but I'll probably have a nibble on the exchange.

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