Sunday 25 March 2018

Leverkusen quarter finals - stats galore!

That's all the stats you could need. Obviously annoyed that Chisnall didn't show up at all, has 21 darts to hold in the second leg, and couldn't, does hold at the second time of asking, but is now needing two breaks - can't leave better than 121 after five visits in leg 5, gets broken again in leg 6 to end it as a contest, then is offered eighteen darts to try to extend the match and can't do so. At least he used Die Toten Hosen for his walk on music to salvage something from the day's efforts.

Things to note from the charts - Peter Wright is in red hot form this weekend, averaging five visits per leg where he's winning, and only second when he's losing to James Wade, who as you might expect is really putting the pressure on his opponents. van Gerwen is obviously the favourite, but isn't playing fantastically well this weekend, but then again neither is Whitlock, so it's hard to see who's able to stop him before the final. Whitlock's got the third best chance mainly because he gets van Gerwen in the shortest format, and would then have a winnable semi final against either Meulenkamp or North who have a great opportunity here. The bottom half is a bit more of a mess, it looks like Wright against Wade (King would not be without chances but seemed to be really struggling against Suljovic before getting home), although Cullen threw some great stuff to come from behind against Dobey including a twelve darter to win the deciding leg.

I don't see any bets that I like, King would be if he didn't look to be struggling, and the consistency stat of Wade throwing really well in all legs doesn't translate to winning projections, the market has everything else fairly close. I should bet Whitlock but he's apparently unwell, not that it showed against Chisnall. North's at evens in places which is worth considering I guess. Check back later for a round up and new rankings, I doubt I can get any prices up for the semis and finals, but you can work out rough projections from the visual at the top of the page.

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