Thursday 1 March 2018

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But that means great news - our game Saturday is off, which'll allow for proper analysis of round five, assuming the UK Open goes ahead - the weather's already taken care of the Premier League and Minehead's not that far away from it, but hopefully it should be OK.

The unfortunate news is that a few players have apparently withdrawn - Wiki's indicating that Berndt is out due to illness, while apparently O'Connor, McGowan, and Goldie are also out, although there's no sources and until I hear anything from the PDC or the horse's mouth I'm assuming nothing (for example, some guy on Twitter says James Wilson is out, whereas James Wilson says he's in Minehead - bookies are also still taking bets on van Duijvenbode). Will wait and see, none of our bets have been affected at this stage, but if something's a scratch beforehand it'll be void should anything else develop.

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