Wednesday 28 March 2018

Munich preview

The European Tour continues with a vengeance, as we get the second event just the one weekend after the first, rolling on into Munich. With the UK and European qualifiers already in the books, it gives the opportunity to drop a bunch of stats using our sexy new analysis tools. In order to give a good selection of potential German qualifiers, I've set a sample size to around the start of last June, which is as far back as I needed to go to get sixteen - was originally going to have three columns of 20 and post on Twitter, but then thought that nobody reads Twitter anyway so will post it here as one column, which allows it to be in full width technicolour. What we've got here is all the qualified players, their overall points per turn, their legs won (not so much for any real use, more to indicate where there's a really small sample size on a lot of the home nation players (and Goedl, where there's no values and the FRH ranking is a dummy value to allow the column to be conditionally formatted). Some things to note:

- The seeding order is, unless I'm very much mistaken, the exact same order as last weekend. So there's plenty of possibilities for rematches, although as only six out of a possible fifteen matches were seed on seed violence, and only three of those were in the last sixteen, there's only so much that might actually rematch.
- Note the players that are pretty high up in the overall average that aren't seeds. Ratajski and Lewis you might expect, but Aspinall and Wade are doing pretty solidly, with Wade pushing his five visit percentage back up towards 60%.
- Note the seeds who are low down. Klaasen and Norris have been pretty average for quite some time now.
- Some of the players lower down have very, very limited samples, so take care if using this for anything important.

Keep an eye out on Friday once they've had the qualifier for bets. It's Easter so I can get straight down to analysis.

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