Friday 19 April 2019

ET3 early thoughts

Will post up bets tomorrow, but some off the cuff things I'm thinking of in a drunken state that might be important (as I'm sure I've mentioned before, I'm a Sheffield United season ticket holder, so if you pay any attention to football you'll understand why I'm in no fit state for proper analysis right now):

- Durrant v Hughes, jesus fucking christ. This could easily be a match of the year contender and it's in the first bloody round. Needless to say that Cullen's going to have to be on point regardless of who he plays.

- Pretty sweet draw for Ross Smith, Barilli shouldn't be a significant threat, and Wright's form is ropey as anything at present. Then you get whoever comes through the Whitlock section, which is probably Reyes, this could be the opportunity he needs to punch a Matchplay ticket.

- That draw for van Gerwen is interesting. Schindler or Ratajski in Germany? We all know that Ratajski is playing at a level that he's a genuine threat, but if it's Schindler, then it's going to be because Schindler's hit form, and when Schindler does that he's certainly a threat.

- I could watch Gabriel Clemens against Ricky Evans all day, that looks tasty.

- Nice draw for Arron Monk. We've touched on him a few times in the last few weeks, Marko Puls is surely not going to be a threat and then he goes up against Dave Chisnall, which should be a nice marker to see where Arron's at on a big stage.

- Karel Sedlacek against Diogo Portela is one I'm going to keep an eye on, Sedlacek's been in the radar for a while but we've not seen a huge amount of him in actual games that I track, but I'm feeling he's the sort of player that's got a game that could trouble Diogo. We'll see.

It could be the case that I only get bets up very soon before kickoff, maybe slightly after - as someone was asking a question about the Wilson/Evetts game, which is second on, I've had a quick look at that already, and have just looked at the Dolan game that's up first as well, and I don't either for betting - so if I've not posted anything by noon, keep checking, I might just be taking my time to look at everything else in a bit more detail knowing I don't need to rush picks out.

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