Tuesday 30 April 2019


I wasn't planning on posting until after PC14 took place, but as a bunch of interesting stuff happened (and as I feel I need to do some darts work tonight but don't have the time to put all the data into the master computer right now), I thought I'd spurt out a bunch of things I found interesting that happened today.

- Willie O'Connor won the title. Can't say I saw that one coming. It seems as if for years he's been in and around the circuit, frequently doing nothing but occasionally popping up into a quarter final or deeper, knocking out MvG, reaching a Euro Tour final, etc etc - just not being able to put everything together consistently. Well now he's going to have all the confidence in the world to do so, read through the list of players he beat today and you'll appreciate what he's done. Apparently he didn't win a leg in more than 18 darts all day - yet to fact check that, and it's going to be helped by playing decent players throughout who won't let him win one in 19 or more, but fair play, he's got what's potentially a career changing win. Interestingly, he is on the first page for season to date points per turn before today, with the only losing record (in terms of legs) on that page outside of Arron Monk, who has any decent sample size. Let's see what he does from here.

- Gary Anderson returned and lost 6-1 to Geert Nentjes. And it wasn't a case of Geert nicking in or Gary missing doubles - on most of the losing legs, Gary wasn't on a double if he returned, or only just got on one. 83 average doesn't seem to be lying here.

- Nathan Aspinall got to another final, which is nice to see. After blowing a chance to take out MvG and maybe take a first Euro Tour title at the weekend, it'd have been all too easy to be a bit disheartened, but he certainly didn't show that.

- Christian Kist made the quarters. Wait, what?

- de Zwaan averaged 100, 111, 100 and 106 before running into O'Connor in the quarters, will someone please think of the children.

- Quite a few players who we've talked about as being in form putting in a decent run, if under the radar to some observers. Pipe made a quarter. McGeeney won his board. Ross Smith, Rafferty, Koltsov (who apparently laid down the pwnhammer in the EADC over the weekend), Woodhouse and Monk all made board finals. Barney needed Wright to hit a twelve with him waiting on D16 for the match to knock him out at the last 16 stage. Fun times for many.

- Another early exit for Whitlock, he beat Scott Taylor in the opening round but then lost to George Killington. I really do think that Euro Tour final is just variance.

- Cadby got Barney in round one, what a draw. Dimitri got Adie as well, couple of exciting ones there.

Predictions for ET5 may well be very close to kickoff, with me being delayed in putting today's stats into the master computer, and another 127 games tomorrow going to spawn, it's going to create a messy backlog. Keep an eye out ladies and gentlemen.

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