Friday 11 March 2022

ET2 round 1 bets

0.25u Lukeman 4/6 (365), he looks considerably better than Hendriks, Laddies having it 8/15 looks more accurate.

0.1u van Veen 7/2 (widely available), as mentioned in the previous post he looks competent enough and I think this is a big enough price to take a shot.

0.1u Wenig 10/3 (widely available), this doesn't seem quite as good as the previous bet, but Gurney isn't quite as good as he used to be and I think this should be a bit of a tighter line.

0.1u Sedlacek 11/4 (365), Karel's playing well, that Laddies have it at 21/10 looks more indicative of where the line should be, if not a bit closer.

No oddschecker so just loaded up four bookies, better prices may be available, if so, take them.

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