Thursday 3 March 2022

UK Open round 1 tips

Will post up rounds 2/3 that are already ready to pick in another post tomorrow morning and update it as matches are played, for now I'll go through the 31 games in round one and go with what I think is value. There's not going to be much insight in this post, read the previous to get an idea.

Bradley Brooks/Rowby John Rodriguez - 0.25u Rodriguez 4/5
Kai Fan Leung/Fabian Schmutzler - 0.25u Leung 8/11
Mario Vandenbogaerde/Jules van Dongen - no bet
Ted Evetts/Nick Fullwell - no bet
Richie Burnett/Tony Martinez - no bet
Martin Thomas/Kenny Neyens - no bet
Dan Read/Diogo Portela - no bet
James Wilson/Shaun Wilkinson - no bet
Jim Williams/Ryan Murray - no bet
Jurjen van der Velde/Mickey Mansell - 0.25u Mansell 10/21
Vladimir Andersen/Steve Clayson - 0.25u Andersen 4/6
Prakash Jiwa/Toni Alcinas - 0.25u Alcinas 8/15
Wesley Plaisier/Radoslaw Szaganski - no bet
Danny Jansen/Liam Meek - no bet
Shaun McDonald/Jamie Clark - 0.25u Clark 8/13
Luc Peters/Paul Marsh - no bet
Jelle Klaasen/Mark Rice - no bet
Matt Campbell/Sebastian Bialecki - no bet
Danny Lauby/Niko Springer - no bet
Ryan Harrington/Rusty Jake Rodriguez - 0.25u Rodriguez 1/2
Darren Webster/Jose Justicia - no bet
George Killington/Reece Robinson - no bet
Josh Rock/Damian Mol - 0.5u Rock 1/3
Matt Good/Keelan Kay - no bet
John O'Shea/Nathan Rafferty - no bet
Ricardo Pietreczko/Scott Taylor - no bet
Paul Hogan/Dom Taylor - no bet
Darren Beveridge/Jimmy Hendriks - no bet
Ross Montgomery/Reece Colley - 0.1u Colley 19/10
Adam Warner/Lukas Wenig - 0.25u Wenig 4/9
Kevin Burness/Graham Hall - no bet

I'll note that in the Rowby section, I thought that they were both straight through to round two when they weren't, the winner plays Mathers then the winner of that plays Meikle, but as there's a fair bit of similarity in playing levels between the lot, I don't feel the need to revise the post, it should be clear enough for anyone wanting to draw an inference if I don't tip in running.

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