Sunday 9 September 2018

Maastricht quarters

Annoying of Payne to miss that match dart, it wasn't far off but still... Chisnall was doing Chisnall things, he had darts at double in every one of the legs he threw on which would have made it 4-3 Wright, as is it's 6-1 and over, heck, he even had three to break in the seventh which would have put him in the lead if he takes his chances. That's the risk you take when betting on Chisnall I guess.

Quarters - Evans/Cullen is one that I feel will be a bit closer than the line suggests, the pressure is now on Cullen to get through a half he really should do and finally make a final, whereas Evans is freerolling, Cullen played the better darts this afternoon but it wasn't by much, I'm seeing this at around 55/45, I don't think you can reasonably adjust to give Cullen more than two shots out of three so 0.25u Evans 21/10, aware we've had two very similar bets not come home this afternoon, but let's see what happens. Edhouse and Anderson played very similar games, both not giving away much and taking 4/6 legs in fifteen darts. Kyle's rightly installed as a favourite, I'm making it a bit more than 70/30 in Anderson's favour which is in the same ballpark as the line with Anderson at 4/11 so no bet there. Wright I talked about earlier, he's up against Whitlock who had a bit of a struggle with Darren Johnson but got home (including a nice 94 out via double-double on 19's), Wright should take this home, as well as the whole tournament, but I think there's a bit of underdog value on Whitlock, I'm getting him at around 35% so to get well longer than 2's I'm going with it, 0.25u Whitlock 11/4, Simon's darts when Johnson wasn't playing well back at him were generally good today, better than Wright's if you ask me. Last up is Lewis, who survived a match dart as detailed earlier in a match which had some brilliant points and some god awful double attempts, and he plays White, who had little trouble despatching King despite only averaging 91, and that wasn't down to missed doubles (White was 6/9) - the early line has White at evens, I'm thinking he's got better chances than that, up in the high 50% range - 0.25u White evs.

Elsewhere, Menzies won the first of two Challenge Tour events today to continue a good weekend, Barrie Bates made a quarter after rushing back from the Netherlands, the second is in progress and it looks like Ratajski's doing OK, in a difficult section featuring Evetts and finalist from earlier Mark Frost, Cody Harris and Andy Boulton are hanging around, Koltsov might make another run, but there's a few unfamiliar names making it into the cash - they're only at the last 64/32 stage so still a long way to go in that one. Should mention the winner after we're done with the European Tour.

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