Sunday 28 October 2018

Dortmund semi final/final lines

Semi finals:

West - 27% vs Cross, 50% vs Cullen
Whitlock - 32% vs Cross, 56% vs Cullen
Webster - 40% vs Price, 47% vs Wade
Hopp - 24% vs Price, 30% vs Wade


West - 48% vs Webster, 64% vs Hopp, 38% vs Price, 45% vs Wade
Whitlock - 54% vs Webster, 70% vs Hopp, 44% vs Price, 52% vs Wade
Cross - 72% vs Webster, 85% vs Hopp, 63% vs Price, 70% vs Wade
Cullen - 48% vs Webster, 65% vs Hopp, 38% vs Price, 45% vs Wade

As I've got a few minutes before it kicks off, a few words on the FRH rankings and where players can rise to. Cross is locked into number 2 but can close the gap to van Gerwen to under 200,000 points with a win. Whitlock and Price are very close for numbers 10 and 11 right now, a win will see them both rise over White, Taylor and Smith, while a win would see either get into the top 5. Webster's a place behind but would need to make the final or go further than either of those two. Wade would also need a final to go any higher, that would see him pass Chisnall and Webster for number 12. Cullen's one spot behind Wade but would need a final to pass Wade, which'd also see him go over Chisnall, as well as Webster if he lost in the quarters. West is up into the top 20 again, a win in the quarters will get him over King, while reaching the final would see him get above Clayton and Lewis - binking would see him rise as high as number 7 potentially. That leaves Hopp - he's already passed Barney and reached the top 30, in at #28 - a win in the quarters would get him into the top 25, while reaching the final would see him just outside the top 20.

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