Tuesday 23 October 2018

Some Players Championship statistics

Thought I'd share a few things with you - DartConnect has a fair bit of info in the "tour leaderboard" section, but I don't find a lot of it particularly useful, and for the love of god they need to add some tooltips to the headers as I have no idea what a bunch of them mean. So I will - I'm filtering on the Players Championship dates, and for the rate stats I'm imposing a 200 leg minimum. That's basically nine legs per tournament, not that huge a number, which brings it down to 120 players. It cuts out the likes of Cadby and Ratajski who only played a small number, and it also cuts out the likes of Groen - while he's played sixteen events, it's hard to get up to 200 with the results he's had, so, without further ado, some stats and commentary:

Most legs won:

1 Adrian Lewis 455
1 Ian White 455
3 Gary Anderson 381
4 James Wilson 378
5 Rob Cross 376
6 Michael Smith 373
7 Dave Chisnall 364
8 James Wade 359
9 Jermaine Wattimena 353
10 Steve Beaton 348

You'd expect White up there, but Lewis is an interesting name to tie with him - he has made quite an effort this year, he's not missed an event and while he's not won one, three finals, two semis and three quarters are a fair few legs and he's been pretty consistent in not going out too early. Shout out to James Wilson - the win will come someday.

Most legs lost:

1 Adrian Lewis 301
2 Ian White 293
3 James Wilson 286
4 Dave Chisnall 280
5 James Wade 278
6 John Henderson 277
7 Michael Smith 261
8 Jermaine Wattimena 260
8 Stephen Bunting 260
10 Rob Cross 258

Who knew that playing a lot of darts at this level will see you lose a lot of legs as well as win them. It takes until you get down to Rowby John Rodriguez at 211 legs lost that you find someone with more legs lost than won - to accumulate a lot of lost legs, you've got to play a lot of legs, and to play a lot of legs you've got to win a lot of matches.

Highest overall points per turn:

1 Michael van Gerwen 96.98
2 Gary Anderson 95.22
3 Rob Cross 93.86
4 Mensur Suljovic 93.84
5 Ian White 93.46
6 Michael Smith 93.18
7 Peter Wright 92.78
8 Dave Chisnall 92.54
9 Adrian Lewis 92.18
10 Jeffrey de Zwaan 91.97

For any Germans reading, erstlich willkommen, and Schindler and Clemens are both just outside the top 10, Schindler 11th and Clemens 15th. That's the list of names you'd expect to see really, but let me throw up a few other names that are up in the top 40 - Ross Smith's just outside the top 10. Brendan Dolan's only one spot behind Daryl Gurney, both in the top 20. Paul Nicholson's in the top 30. Jamie Lewis, who we've seemingly not heard much from at all this year, is up there. Stephen Burton has had a solid season to end up over 90 on this stat.

Lowest overall points per turn:

1 Ross Twell 79.29
2 Eddie Dootson 81.09
3 Jamie Bain 82.22
4 Aden Kirk 82.89
5 Mark Dudbridge 83.34
6 Jarred Cole 83.63
7 Robbie Green 83.72
8 Chris Quantock 83.74
9 Gary Eastwood 83.98
10 Devon Petersen 84.11

For those that are wondering where Benito is, he's below 85 on this as well at 17th, but there's a few interesting names here - Scott Taylor's in the lowest 20, and he's made a final this year. Ronny Huybrechts is just in the bottom 20 as well. Jamie Caven, Jelle Klaasen and Justin Pipe are all down in the bottom 30.

Highest percentage of legs won:

1 Michael van Gerwen 68.52%
2 Gary Anderson 62.77%
3 Ian White 60.83%
4 Adrian Lewis 60.19%
5 Peter Wright 59.58%
6 Rob Cross 59.31%
7 Michael Smith 58.83%
8 Darren Webster 58.49%
9 Steve Beaton 58.10%
10 Jermaine Wattimena 57.59%

Just how much better is van Gerwen than everyone else? This should be a pretty good indication.

Lowest percentage of legs won:

1 Eddie Dootson 32.20%
2 Terry Temple 32.23%
3 Ross Twell 32.59%
4 Jamie Bain 36.58%
5 Mark Dudbridge 37.87%
6 Robbie Green 38.54%
7 Kevin Burness 39.22%
8 George Killington 39.56%
9 Steve Hine 39.78%
10 Gary Eastwood 39.85%

Burness is in the World Championship, and Killington might be as well through the Development Tour. That might not be too pretty.

Highest percentage of won legs done so in fifteen darts or less:

1 Michael van Gerwen 72.76%
2 Michael Smith 67.83%
3 Gary Anderson 66.14%
4 Gerwyn Price 64.38%
5 Ian White 63.96%
6 Rob Cross 62.77%
7 Jeffrey de Zwaan 62.28%
8 Dave Chisnall 61.54%
9 Steve Lennon 61.32%
10 Martin Schindler 60.81%

Look, look, Schindler's on a list!

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