Tuesday 30 October 2018

Various news

Cadby's withdrawn from the Grand Slam, so chuck the previous post down the pan outside of who's averaging well of late.

BDO have confirmed TV for their majors for 2019 (well, Eurosport and Quest, how that's actually split I have no idea). They've also confirmed Lakeside - I had a look at the ticket prices, have a guess what percentage of a PDC final table ticket you'd need to pay for a BDO final ticket in the premium seating. Go on. I dare you.

We've had a few more international qualifiers lock up their spots - Koltsov was rumoured to have had it a couple of weeks ago, but has now actually got over the line for a third appearance, oddly being in-out-in-out-in from 2015 to 2019. James Bailey won the Oceanic Masters to claim his spot - he finished top five in the DPA rankings, having won two of their events as well as punting Q-School and trying the first weekend of the Challenge Tour - he did get into one of the World Series exbos and took a couple of legs off Gary Anderson. Finally, Nitin Kumar won the Prakash Jiwa qualifier - no idea if good old Prakash actually played it, but if he did, he wasn't close to qualifying. He's seemingly played the World Cup once, twice if dartsdatabase has, as I think, different spellings of his first name, and him and his partner(s) won a grand total of zero legs whichever way you look at it. This doesn't leave many spots now - we've got the two ladies' qualifiers, the end of the German superleague, the Chinese and Devon Petersen qualifiers, then the world youth and PDPA qualifier. That's it outside of the last weekends of the Development and Challenge Tours that could shake things up a touch.

150%. £99 for the BDO compared to £66. You couldn't make it up.

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