Sunday 14 October 2018

Göttingen round 3

Saturday turned out to be really quite bad, and it all started so well with Matt Edgar getting over the line against Joe Cullen, a big enough swing that despite going 0/3 in the rest of the afternoon we were only a tenth of a unit down, going 0/4 in the evening session though isn't pretty and leaves us down half a unit for the tournament. Seemed to be a combination of the opponents playing out of their skin and missed doubles - looking through game by game, Bunting's four leg run to close the game was incredible, Gurney didn't leave any real chances for Humphries to break and then an eleven darter in leg 8 iced the game, Clemens had a couple of legs with darts at double but most of the other legs from Clayton were fifteen darters so he wasn't giving away anything easy, Evans was a case of throw one bad leg to let Webster lead 2-0 with the throw and then Darren offered little in return, Wade had his best performance in some time, Ratajski missed darts at double in three of the legs Hopp won and then was allowed eighteen darts to win the decider but couldn't even get down to less than 100 in that time, while de Zwaan was on the wrong end of two terrible legs from both players in legs 5-6 which decided the game against Cross.

It's cleared up a lot of the Dortmund scenarios - Beaton, Klaasen, Schindler, Reyes and Kyle Anderson have clinched spots, Nicholson is all but safe while it's a case of Dekker or North for the last spot, North being in with a win against Clayton. Today:

van Gerwen/Bunting - Nothing here, Bunting's less than 20% and it'd need the sort of finish he had yesterday again today, MvG wasn't exactly bad yesterday.

Edgar/Gurney - Think this may still be significant for Edgar, someone mentioned on Twitter that a win here would put him in a provisional worlds spot but I don't know how accurate that is, there might be a tiny bit of value at 10/3 but I'm seeing Edgar at south of 30% to win this one so let's move on.

Smith/Beaton - Smith unsurpisingly had no problems with Kantele, while Beaton needed every leg to beat Price, the line looks pretty solid at 2/5 Smith as I have him just shy of 70% to advance to the quarters.

Henderson/Chisnall - Hendo beating White was a decent shock, while Dave needed a decider against Joyce to move through, line seems close enough yet again, I'm seeing Henderson at 35% but with the best line not even giving 2/1 it's another avoid I'm afraid.

Klaasen/Schindler - Jelle had a nice upset win over Wright, while Schindler got a whitewash over King despite not playing that great, will it be a case of job done for Jelle now? Maybe, and the line looks good to say that it is - 0.25u Schindler 4/5, I'm seeing this as over 65% for the home nation player.

Clayton/North - Enormous game for Richard, who beat Whitlock yesterday, I've got him at 40%, he's around 6/4 so line looks solid once more. Maybe the pressure of the situation gets to him?

Wade/Webster - Should be a good one this, both played pretty solidly yesterday, Wade especially, the line's Wade 8/11 which looks close enough, I'm getting the Machine at 53%, which with the vig isn't giving enough of a chance on Webster to bet the Demolition Man.

Cross/Hopp - Tempted to bet Cross with Hopp being unconvincing in victory yet again, but 1/3 with Cross at 78% isn't really enough with potential boisterous home crowd backing in the last game of a session.

Back tomorrow with a round up.

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