Friday 12 October 2018

Göttingen round 1 bets

These are fast, and as oddschecker doesn't yet have the matches included featuring the German qualifiers I'm just looking at a couple of books which do:

0.25u Brown 6/5, should be the other way around so there's a little value here

Edgar/de Graaf, Mansell/Killington, Henderson/Wilson lines look fine

0.25u Clemens evs, stated I think he'd be 60/40 against Dolan, he's not done great on the European Tour but he has home field and seems the better player right now

Nothing on Marijanovic/Kantele, my sample on Marko isn't really that bit and while it hints at a bet on Robert, I won't and will probably just regret not taking 8/15.

0.25u Joyce 6/5, sure Wattimena's been doing more recently but I'm not even convinced Jermaine's the better player

0.25u Ratajski 6/4, I'm projecting Ratajski to be the favourite so this is probably the best bet so far

North/Bunse I'm passing as I don't have that much on Christian and betting North at 2/5 doesn't seem like it could be value.

0.25u Gilding 13/10, as stated previously he's got the better stats season long and is rounding into form so this seems automatic.

Woodhouse/Schindler seems accurate. Might be small value on Stevenson but I'm passing that one as van der Voort needs it more and it's not that much to write home about. Similar with Klaasen/Langendorf, it's probably worth a bet on Maik but Klaasen needs it more, probably end up annoyed at not laying Jelle given Jelle's not done much at all for a while now. Beaton's probably near a bet for the same reason as the Keegan Brown bet, but with the odds being the wrong way at 11/10 there's much less margin for error. de Zwaan's too short to consider, he should win but nobody except MvG should be 1/9 in a race this short.

0.25u Alcinas 7/4, another decent one to finish, Noppert's got the recent form but the class is permanent and that's giving this as close to evens.

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