Thursday 22 November 2018

Averages rise against better players

Ochepedia posted something about the highest averages against van Gerwen this year, so I thought I'd do something that I've been meaning to do for a while. As any fool knows, your average goes up if your opponent is not allowing you darts at a double. So, as my database has a column in it which says who the opponent is, it's pretty trivial to shove a filter on the number of legs played and the points per turn for a given opponent, namely MvG:

Now this obviously doesn't show everyone, and for some unknown reason it's only showing 1055 legs against van Gerwen when I've got 1064 in the sample (got to be a typo in the opponent column somewhere), but basically, if the last column is positive, your guy is doing better against the field than van Gerwen, and if the last column is negative, your guy is doing better against van Gerwen than the field. I think the numbers speak for themselves, but what the hell is Clayton doing? And to think he has a televised win over him!

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