Sunday 25 November 2018

Players Championship semis, Ashton makes it

Nice to see Ashton, who's probably the best female player still, make Ally Pally, I'll have to go back and look at the DartConnect stats to see how she actually played, winning a lot of games to nil is irrelevant given that quite a lot of the field seemed quite, quite bad, but she's there and the two qualifiers have probably given the right results. We've got Ando/MvG and Gurney/Noppert (for the love of god why couldn't Bunting have held in leg ten and got to 7-3), so what've we got?

Gurney/Noppie's priced with Daryl a 2/1 favourite, this looks close to correct, I'm only seeing Gurney at 71% season long and Noppert seems to be a player that I might be underrating.

Ando/van Gerwen is actually closer. Anderson played like an absolute dream against Clayton, winning half of his legs with twelve darters, but let's note here - van Gerwen has not been playing bad at all, and managed to get seven legs in par as well, same as Ando, he wasn't quite as explosive but this is just like the Grand Slam semi final except where it's a bit of a shorter race. Michael should win this a lot more than the market suggests - 0.5u van Gerwen 8/11.

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