Thursday 8 November 2018

Grand Slam group stage game 1 bets

Getting them in early given it's the biggest game of the entire football season tomorrow night:

0.25u Payne 11/8 v Hopp, keep firing against Hopp and wait for it to work

0.25u Gilding 23/10 v Price, seems way, way too one sided in such a short format against an in form player

0.25u Durrant 5/6 v Whitlock, probably going to be a case of auto-betting Duzza the entire tournament

0.1u Mitchell 9/4 v Suljovic, reduced bet size given Mitchell's sample size and likely massive inconsistency

0.25u Brown 10/11 v Webster, simply in better form all season long

0.25u Ratajski 11/8 v van Barneveld, seems obvious

That's about it. I won't be back home until late Saturday so don't expect any updates before then.

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