Sunday 18 November 2018

Gerwyn Price doing Gerwyn Price things shocker

The less said about the antics the better, it's already been done to death on social media, Price celebrates a bit too much and would probably be a better player for it but it's what he does, but it's this simple - if Anderson holds the twentieth leg, this never becomes a story as he's then run five straight in that mini-session, is two breaks to the good and wins the game from there. From that point Anderson basically goes on tilt because Price won't go away, and the last few legs are probably best consigned to the dustbin from a darts point of view.

Still, fair play to Gerwyn who's locked up a Premier League place again you have to think, what price he plays Ando in Aberdeen, Glasgow etc. Elsewhere, Devon Petersen won the Devon Petersen qualifier for the worlds, which is kind of like the Diogo Portela qualifier in terms of giving mediocre players free money, and Marijanovic won the German superleague finals, so we're now down to five players left to be decided - although we know one of them should be Matt Edgar when Schindler or van den Bergh vacates their Pro Tour spot.

New FRH rankings:

1 Michael van Gerwen
2 Rob Cross
3 Gary Anderson (UP 1)
4 Peter Wright (DOWN 1)
5 Gerwyn Price (UP 7)
6 Mensur Suljovic
7 Daryl Gurney (DOWN 2)
8 James Wade (DOWN 1)
9 Simon Whitlock (DOWN 1)
10 Michael Smith (UP 1)
11 Ian White (DOWN 2)
12 Phil Taylor
13 Darren Webster
14 Dave Chisnall
15 Jonny Clayton (UP 2)
16 Joe Cullen (DOWN 1)
17 Adrian Lewis (DOWN 1)
18 Stephen Bunting (UP 2)
19 Mervyn King (DOWN 1)
20 Steve West (DOWN 1)

Anderson, despite the final defeat, edges Wright by about a thousand points to climb up into the top three, while Price is in the top five for the first time. Anyone else think that the top ten there as it stands seems like the best Premier League line up you could select as of right now?

Dimitri's up to #34, Payne is into the top 50, while Durrant and Unterbuchner now occupy spots within the top 100.

One last thing - in the final leg, with one dart in hand and 181 remaining, Anderson stops to think and goes for 11? Is the only way that he thinks he can turn the tide of the match to hit the big fish and cause a huge crowd reaction? If so, why the hell does he go and hit the treble? I think the last time I saw someone go for 11 in that spot was in Lakeside over a decade ago, I want to say it was Ross Montgomery but I really can't remember, but at least whoever it was then had the excuse of being basically dead in the match and they had a high checkout prize, which was probably worth quarter finalist money at the time.

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