Thursday 15 November 2018

Grand Slam quarters - yawn

I will never, ever understand why they fix the draw the way they have done, so that we get three rematches at the quarter final stage. Just stick all the runners up in the opposite half to the winners. It's not difficult. If a runner up needs to play two games in two days or has more than one day off, it's not a big deal, by the time you get to the long games in the quarter final stages, it's all level. The PDC do a lot of things right, this is another thing they do which is unbelievably dumb.

As such, with the only new game we're seeing being Dimitri (nice nine lad, shame about the next seventeen darts) van den Bergh against Mensur Suljovic, which is a repeat of two televised events we've seen in the last twelve months, I'm going to be brief here:

0.25u van den Bergh 13/8, I'm seeing him at above 46%, even in a best of 31 distance. We all saw what Dimitri did the last time they met in a long game at the world championship, and heck, the kid just hit a nine, if this isn't peak Dimitri confidence, who knows what is.

No bet on Price/Whitlock. The line's a flip, with Price being the slightest of odds on favourites. I'm seeing this as 53/47 Price, so there's nothing of any real value here, I'm thinking on recent form we should be on the eye out for any Whitlock bets in case the line moves but I'm not holding my breath.

2u Anderson 1/7, that was a pretty nice display by Unterbuchner, but this is an extremely easy spot to milk a quarter of a unit, Gary's been lights out all year on TV and I think this is nearer a 1/14 or even 1/20 line in all honesty, it's a huge jump from race to 10 to race to 16 and also a huge jump from Wade to Anderson.

No bet on van Gerwen/Clayton. I was able to bet on Clayton at 9/1 in a best of nine. We are now in a game more than three times the length which hugely, hugely improves things in favour of the favourite and I can't even get 9/1 again? What changed bookies? What changed? Surely you're not overreacting on the basis of a nine leg sample size? The line looks right now, but you would think if they were consistent they'd have van Gerwen as an even larger favourite than what he was in the group stages. Very, very silly.

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