Sunday 31 March 2019

Hildesheim quarters

Down to 8, and we've got Wright/Lewis, Gurney/Bunting, Webster/Evans and Price/Brown. Price has got to be loving this situation, with nine dart hero James Wade out of the way, it's opened up his half, although Keegan won 6-0 Wilson didn't do a huge deal to pressure, Webster was solid but not spectacular, and Evans is the same - if Price shows even his B-game, he should make the final. The other half's a bit more of a mess, Gurney was just fine in running off six straight legs from a 2-0 hold against Cross, Lewis was dominant against Cullen, Wright was able to slot in one good leg to break Wattimena and that was that, then Bunting again was fairly average, White missing doubles from nowhere to seal the deal. So that's dropped us a unit in the last sixteen, still up for it, after all that's basically what we got from Brown over van Gerwen.

Oddschecker's glitching out a bit just showing random 180 bets, so I'm looking at 365 to see what I like. It's almost a bet on Wright, he's 8/11 and this year he's just over 60% to claim it, over 12 months just under, so I'll pass it, I don't think I'll do anything on Gurney/Bunting either, that's 1/2 - 13/8, recent data has it 65/35, twelve month data has it much, much closer to where Bunting's over 45%. With Stephen having stung me twice this event, maybe we should use the larger data to say he's returning to older form? I don't know, they're both actually consistent in how their averages break down in 2019.

Webster/Evans is priced up quite close, Webster 4/5 and Evans at evens, that seems fair, in all data samples I've got Darren in the low 50's, so that just leaves Price against Brown. Keegan's got through that "after beating MvG" possible issue in some style (at least as far as leg score, if not in performance), and I'm reading it 68/32 in favour of the Welshman, he's 4/9 against Brown's 7/4 over twelve months, it's a bit more in favour of Gerwyn in 2019 as you'd expect, well into the 70's. I'm leaving it, maybe Price might think a bit ahead and Brown's freerolling from here on out. So no bets, while we're down a bit from where we were, we're still up half a unit on the event and still over the 20 unit lifetime mark, which is a nice little milestone to hit. Probably no bets on the semis and final.

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