Monday 25 March 2019

New tour card holders so far

Ten events in, how are the new players doing?

Pretty straight forward table. The points per turn is through the first ten events of the season, similarly for the money won. I can't spell Zonneveld and I'm not going to correct it.

I don't think anyone would be particularly surprised to see Durrant and Hughes up there at the top of the tables - Durrant has obviously binked an event and finalled another, which is giving him a clear lead in terms of money won, Hughes and Razma being the only players in this list to hit the last 32 in the UK Open making sure that it's a huge gap. Bear in mind that Hughes missed the first two Pro Tours, so could easily have been a bit closer. If we then read down a bit, we get some surprising names here and there. Boulton I wouldn't have expected to be quite so high up, but he did have a very good run last time out and has won another board elsewhere, he'll have a shot at adding some decent cash in Europe next weekend. The two Baltic lads follow next, Labanauskas throwing good stuff but not really translating it into money - he's not had any brutal draws, just running into players doing alright on the day. Rowby and McGeeney you would expect to see there, but Gavin Carlin's had a very good start, while Ward and Baker have a good combination of scoring and money in the bank. Clark, Bunse and Pallett can consider themselves a little unfortunate not to have had a better return so far, at least Dave has a Euro Tour next month to add.

At the other end, god knows what is up with Michael Barnard. he doesn't even have any future European qualification to fall back on. Robinson did alright in the UK Open hence the money, then we've got a couple of veterans who got through on the Q-School points table who may end up making up the numbers. van Duivenbode and Zonneveld haven't been able to cash, maybe it's getting used to senior match play.

Probably going to have a look at the tour card race later in the week, and project who might be in real trouble of losing their card after 2019 is done.

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