Thursday 28 March 2019

Hildesheim round 1 bets

Before anything, if that is it for Barney, then thanks, him and Priestley were my favourite players growing up and he gave us my favourite moment in the history of the sport, it's a shame I never saw him live (because I'm too cheap to get a cab back from the Citywest when I went to watch the Grand Prix and it ran so, so slowly and he was last on).

But before it's all butnahhhhh or maybe and he's back in the field, what do we like for tomorrow?

0.25u Koltsov 8/11, Artut did nothing last week or this week that makes me think he's sufficiently close to Boris that we can't take this.

0.25u Boulton 7/4, this seems sufficiently close given Andy's form in 2019 that it's a bet. He actually projects as a slight favourite although Payne has been running a bit bad in converting decent legs into winning legs which'll hinder that a bit.

1u Hughes 2/9, Jamie should have absolutely zero problems here, none whatsoever. He comes in over 90%.

0.25u Razma 15/8, thought this should rate up to be closer in the previous post. The projections are actually over 60% for Madars, but as mentioned he has a lot more variance so while it's still a very clear bet, the edge might not be enough to start bridge jumping on it.

0.1u Siepmann 12/5, purely based on Mansell not playing well. Siepmann didn't do a great deal to convince but at least he showed some stones to get past Eidams 6-5 in the qualifier.

0.25u Portela 5/2, he's been doing just about enough when we've seen him to think he might have enough of a chance against King, who hasn't exactly been on form.

That's it, nothing else stands out hugely so will just go with these six and probably chuck Aspinall in as a banker in acca fun.

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