Thursday 14 March 2019

Return of the King

As you've probably spotted, Corey Cadby's got his visa, finally, and will tentatively be starting his new stint in the UK at the start of April in PC9. Which is nice. Question now is what will he do? It's fairly hard to say - we've not seen him in a PDC event (outside of the Oz-based stuff) since the UK Open final, and that was twelve months ago. A heck of a lot can take place in twelve months. Twelve months ago Nathan Aspinall busted out to in the last 64 of the UK Open, after all.

Let's pick something realistic - he's going to be way, way too late to reach the Matchplay, but would the Grand Prix be possible? He's going to miss out on four Euro Tour events, but (and I think this is counting minimum money already won in two of those events), the cutoff on the Pro Tour for that is only at 11k right now. That's one win, or one final in Europe, to close the entire gap, and he's more than capable of doing that. He's well above the top 64 cutoff for retaining a tour card so there's no real danger of anything happening there, so I think the key is to just raise his Pro Tour ranking as much as possible and get points on the board, the 35k will drop off from the UK Open this time next year, so just set a foundation and get into the later majors and the worlds. Then see what happens. It's just great to see an elite level player back in the PDC, let's just hope that he's not lost any of his game in the interim period.

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