Sunday 3 March 2019

Quick projections

Price v Aspinall - Price 67/33 year long, Price 80/20 worlds onwards, Price 69/31 on UK Open stats

Cross v Smith - Smith 53/47 year long, Cross 58/42 worlds onwards, Smith 54/46 on UK Open stats

Potential finals:

Price v Smith - Smith 54/46 year long, Price 66/34 worlds onwards, Price 74/26 on UK Open stats

Price v Cross - Cross 51/49 year long, Price 59/41 worlds onwards, Price 76/24 on UK Open stats

Aspinall v Smith - Smith 72/28 year long, Smith 67/33 worlds onwards, Aspinall 54/46 on UK Open stats

Aspinall v Cross - Cross 69/31 year long, Cross 73/27 worlds onwards, Aspinall 59/41 on UK Open stats

So based on that, I think I'll be letting my Price outright bets ride

Edit @1658 - first semi final lines I've seen have Smith a marginal favourite and Price at 2/5, those look good based on the largest and smallest samples so no bets. If you want to consider the worlds plus 2019 sample you might find value, but I won't be betting based on those

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