Tuesday 29 December 2020

This evening's round 4 matches

Writing as we've got a fair bit of lolwade potential incoming, if it wasn't the shoes it's been a complete inability to do anything and let Bunting come from 2-0 down to level, should be 3-1 Stephen if he'd hit in the first set, but we can't have everything. Round 3 bets are 3-1 (Hunt didn't do much wrong at all) with Noppert pending, but will quickly look at tonight's round 4 games:

Ratajski/Clemens - This should be special. Krzysztof rolled over Whitlock (perhaps getting a little bit fortunate in the size of victory as Simon had some key misses), while Clemens provided probably the only real shock of round 3 (so far, Bunting finishing this off would def count) by taking out the defending champion. The line is round about 60/40 in favour of Ratajski, which feels round about right, I'm seeing it as 65/35. There's oddly a fair bit of vig in the market, so we can't even get any sort of tiny value on the Pole thinking he's got more chances in the market.

Interlude - Wade's somehow hit a nine. What the heck?

van Gerwen/Cullen - Joe got through probably the game of the tournament with Clayton with a pretty sweet double-double 100 out in a deciding leg, while van Gerwen got another straight sets win against Ricky Evans, who in fairness put up a good fight. 0.1u Cullen 6/1, it's scary to think of betting against van Gerwen given he's gone 108 and 106 in averages in his first two rounds, but the projections give Cullen a 30% chance. Cullen is under no pressure here, and Cullen fucking BEAT MICHAEL VAN GERWEN in the final when he took his Euro Tour title just two months ago. It's a pretty big number in a two horse race, so I'll take this shot.

Will be back with tomorrow's matches this evening.

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