Friday 7 October 2022

GP round 3

Frankly I'm more interested in the last weekend of the Development Tour, with it being the run in to the world youth you've got a lot of players over from all around the world that wouldn't otherwise play the dev tour, so will be keeping an eye on any interesting names. No surprises to see that Rock binked the first one, second one just getting under way, but for now we've got four quarter finals. Stupid to have Aspinall on first after a late finish yesterday, but that's lolpdc for you. Only bet I'd consider is Lukeman, with Nathan on a bit of a shorter turnaround than Martin that might help with the percentages based on the odds saying he's fairly underrated. That said, as we've said a few times, Aspinall's done his better work of late, so I can ignore this one safely enough I think.

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