Monday 27 November 2023

Immediate worlds draw reaction

- de Decker might not have had the best of first round draws, but that second round draw is perfect and we could see him knocking on the door of the top 32 real soon
- Vandenbogaerde against Tricole is fairly spicy, especially seeing how Mario could really do with the win to protect his tour card, which is looking real shaky despite an alright Minehead
- de Sousa could lose to either first round opponent. Edhouse and de Graaf is no joke
- Lennon over Clayton upset special anyone?
- Peter Wright would not want to have drawn Jim Williams
- Szaganski against Kantele could be one of those drawn out, scrappy first rounders that goes 25 legs and takes longer than a one sided quarter final
- Campbell against Ilagan's going to be a tough one to call
- Assuming Littler gets through Kist, which we assume after this weekend he will do, is that a pure coinflip against Gilding?
- Dolan/Mansell is an intriguing second round tie if Mickey doesn't fluff lines against Zong
- What percentage of Dirk's game is required to beat Keegan Brown or, more likely, Boris Krcmar?
- That Huybrechts, Veenstra, Robb mini section I think you can make arguments for any one of them to go through
- Slevin/Hempel might not be too bad for someone who didn't make Minehead prior to withdrawals against someone who needed the PDPA quali
- Bunting, Joyce, Spellman is a great section. None of them will have wanted those two opponents and that's probably the pick of round one for me
- Wattimena should have enough against Sherrock, but Jermaine's one that it seems has off days a fair bit, so who knows?
- Lukeman against Puha could be a sneaky under the radar selection for a good first round tie
- Woodhouse against van Peer might not be too bad either. Would like to see Luke get through and play Rock, that ought to be a competitive round two tie at least
- Rydz would surely be a dog to Pietreczko?
- Beaton/Nijman looks like a tight one. I'm sure Steve's fluffed similar sorts of round one matches before?
- Chisnall would not have it all his own way against Menzies if Cameron turns up (and gets through Rusty first which isn't a guarantee). That said Chizzy's good enough he could win that 3-0 and there'd be nothing Menzies could do about it
- Clemens got the bastard draw - van Veen in round two and then Chisnall? Oof
- Ross Smith against Chris Dobey in the last 32, assuming they don't get upset (both have games they should win but against opponents they'll need to take seriously), is a real match of the season contender
- If the seeds get through the bottom of section 2, while I don't think it's certain they will, is there a more lopsided potential game than Anderson against Dirk?
- A possible Heta/Rock last 32 game is fire
- Does anyone have an easier path to the quarter final than Rob Cross? Mario or Tricole then someone from that JdS cluster before Clayton or Ratajski doesn't seem that hard a task

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