Sunday 28 April 2024

Austria round 3

That was a tad frustrating. 1-3 for the day, Wright over Lauby (just) worked, but the other three didn't, although I don't think in retrospect any of them were bad plays. Nijman got all his legs in 15 or less and averaged 99 in the remainder, just a case of Noppert playing well. van Duijvenbode averaged 98 in the legs he lost, just a case of Edhouse playing well, while Labanauskas was like Nijman, getting three legs in five visits, a solid 96 average in the remainder, just can't really do much when Joe is getting four legs in under twelve. I'd take my chances with those again, but we'll have to wait for another tournament, as today we hit the last sixteen.

Chisnall v Cullen - Mentioned Joe above, Dave had some sloppy legs that he lost but the ones he won were pretty much flawless with all of them in 15 or less, I think that's a good enough to at least consider the 8/11 that Coralbrokes are offering, 4/6 I can pretty much leave, as I'm seeing Chizzy at a bit closer to 65% than 60%. With Joe looking alright, I can pass, but don't blame anyone for taking a shot here.

Edhouse v van Veen - Mentioned Ritchie above, another good display, while Gian had a hard fought match with Ryan Searle with both looking OK but neither on real top form, here I think we can play though, 0.25u van Veen 5/6, the difference being I've got Gian a touch over 65% and the price is stronger. Ritchie's on good form but we generally go with greater body of work and it's hard to see how form makes this even slightly -EV.

Gurney/Bunting - Daryl was a little bit of a surprising winner against Cross but put up a good display for sure, while Bunting also looked good but was forced all the way by Richard Veenstra, where if he didn't completely lose his scoring in the last leg we could be talking about another game. The market has this as Bunting just over 60%, I think that's pretty much spot on.

Clayton/Schindler - Jonny was a bit up and down against Dobey, but was able to get it done relatively comfortably, but nowhere near as comfortably as Schindler was able to whitewash Ricardo Pietreczko. 0.25u Schindler 8/13, Clayton's been a bit better of late for sure but the large data is putting Martin at nearer to 75% than 70%. And he's not exactly playing badly right now himself when compared to bigger samples.

Littler/Ratajski - Blistering finish from Luke to win the last four legs all in four visits as the last game, while Ratajski as the first game wasn't at his best but also got through for just the loss of a couple of legs against Dom Taylor. We generally think Ratajski is undervalued, but it's not by enough here, a shade over 3/1 when we've not even got him at 30% to win the game is nowhere near enough to consider going against Littler.

Rock/Noppert - Josh was another player to have a great last 32 game, first leg was a bit scruffy from both but otherwise it was very tidy. Danny we mentioned also had a good game, but should come into this as a small underdog with Josh having a touch above a 55% chance, so the market putting Noppert as the favourite is a tad confusing. 0.25u Rock 21/20 on Coralbrokes, evens is also fine.

Klose/Smith - Daniel took advantage of a pretty meh Gilding to win 6-2, while Ross was another player to hit four twelve dart kills in a deciding win over Barney, two of those coming back to back from 5-4 down to do it when it counts. Seems a pretty straightforward one here, Klose only really having about a one in four shot, neither side offers value at the odds offered.

van Gerwen/Wright - Michael did a professional job over de Zwaan just losing the one leg, while Wright certainly wasn't at his best but got through against Lauby. This is a redo from this week's Premier League, and it's hard to see past the same result, although with Peter having a touch more than a one in three shout, we really should be taking a small stab on Snakebite with some places touching 3/1. I'm kind of finding it hard to say do it, but let's leave it as don't put MvG in an acca, as the price you can get on him definitely doesn't appear value.

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