Friday 19 April 2024

ET4 rapid round 2 stuff

Bunting won as expected, it's really rare that I pick someone that odds on, but it looked good, we will take our ten percent, lol cullen lol wright lol us not pushing margins more, this is going to be a ready money round and we're going to be bang bang bang and if I post more than one word it's because the game in question is not close to the line. Vamos.

Ratajski/Williams - close on Ratajski but no
Smith/Woodhouse - no
Searle/Bunting - no
van Duijvenbode/Edhouse - weird one this in that Carl questioned what this one might look like. I had a guess at what the line would look like. Paddy Power is replicating my line right now. People are paid to do this shit
Noppert/Gurney - no
Clayton/Dobey - 0.25u Dobey 8/13 on 365 at least, line should be the other side of 1/2
Chisnall/Barry - no
Rock/Sparidaans - maybe Rock isn't short enough but can't see the edge
Anderson/Perez - maybe Ando isn't short enough but can't see the edge
Price/Dolan - no
Smith/van Barneveld - 0.1u van Barneveld 11/5, still not overly convinced Smith is consistent enough, Barney in form, numbers place this a lot closer to 60/40 in Smith's favour than him being better than a 2-1 favourite
Heta/Mansell - 0.1u Mansell 11/4, yes Wright is much worse than Heta right now but Mansell is legitimately playing fine and has much, much more than a one in four shot, this is easily more than 65/35, 11/4 is great so we go with it
Cross/Schindler - that this is evens isn't them taking the Schindi kool-aid, it's legit
van Gerwen/Engstrom - not touching after missing the Johan boat, that sort of price might have worked against Cullen but not against MvG
Humphries/Littler - pure flip so no
Pietreczko/Clemens - 0.25u Clemens 10/11, this is projecting better than 60/40, Ricardo is a tad more consistent, but Clemens has just come off a real easy win, Ricardo is maybe not in the best form, we'll take the price

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