Wednesday 29 December 2021

Remaining last sixteen matches

Going to blast through these:

King/Smith - Kind of hard to call given the lack of data on Raymond, but what we have on him puts him at just under a one in three shot. And Merv's 4/9. Moving on.

Soutar/Rydz - Wow, Callan is a huge favourite in the market at even shorter than what Mervyn is in the first game. That is in no way justified. Projection gives Alan close to a 45% shot. 0.25u Soutar 9/4

Dobey/Humphries - Extremely excited to see this one, two of the relatively younger players who are playing elite level darts against each other, and the bookies can't separate them. It's a weird one as both got byes in the previous round. Chris projects solidly higher than Luke, over 70%, but has triple the consistency score compared to Luke. I don't think that can compensate. Trusting the numbers, 0.25u Dobey 10/11, you can get evens on Betway.

Wade/Kleermaker - James was another one to get the benefit of a bye while Martijn came through a real tight one against Cullen. Market puts Wade in the 70-75% bracket, and I see 72%, so I think we can move on.

Anderson/Cross - Super disappointing to see White blow a three set lead, Cross was also involved in a seven set thriller against Gurney. Market thinks Cross a touch more than 60%, seems pretty much on the money.

Wright/Searle - Let's hope to fuck that Noppert getting pinged doesn't result in Searle getting pinged as I want to see a repeat of their great game from Minehead. Market says Wright a touch under 70%, there's enough difference here as I think he should be a touch under 60%. 0.25u Searle 7/4, Unibet is throwing out a bit of a better price if you bet there.

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