Wednesday 15 December 2021

Worlds day 1 tips

Think that Hudson is being slightly undervalued. Edhouse at 1/4 against a tour card holder really only works against a select few, and while Pete isn't exactly the best player in the PDC, he's at least good enough to nick this just over one time in four. There's not quite the value to go the other way though.

If I had any sort of information on Kumar, I'd probably take a poke at 10/1, or maybe look at some of the handicaps. There's not too many people that should be that long against a Pro Tour qualifier, and he did look alright when he played Dolan a couple of years back. I just can't pull the trigger.

Lewis/Campbell is the closest game in the market, maybe it shouldn't be. Adie's rating to win over 80% and he's only 1/3. If it wasn't for the fact that I know Campbell is likely underrated in the modelling on account of maybe not needing to go full out in the events we've seen him, and that we know he can do much better than what he showed at the Slam, then I'd probably snap fire on Lewis, but I'll hold off on this one.

That just leaves Price against the winner of the first game. If we assume Edhouse advances, then I would have thought that a line of 1/7 would be a fair line. Will have to wait and see what the actual line is, but I can't see it being anywhere near as close as it would need to be to go for a Price bet, or it being so short on Gerwyn that we can consider Ritchie. If that changes, I'll tell you, otherwise check in later today for Thursday's tips, if any.

Oh yeah, to close off the preview, Price 6-3 van den Bergh, van Gerwen 6-3 de Sousa, van Gerwen 7-5 Price. I still believe he can win stuff.

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