Sunday 9 April 2023

Munich day 2

Bit of a rough day with our main plays all being gruelling matches, we got the longer shot one at least, Martinez flyer wasn't close, it needed both him to show up and Dobey to be a bit off, neither of which happened, so we're dropping about a quarter of a unit on yesterday, maybe a touch more, would need to check. Round two into action, I'm just going to say bets or not and just expand when I'm making a play or not in a close decision:

Rock/van Peer - no bet
Chisnall/Horvat - no bet
van Duijvenbode/Rydz - no bet
Cross/Barry - no bet
Clayton/Gilding - tiny value on Gilding, but no bet
Cullen/Smith - no bet
Aspinall/Menzies - 0.1u Menzies 12/5, might have gone more but he really wasn't convincing yesterday, still definite value with long data showing over 40% chances
de Sousa/Beaton - no bet
van den Bergh/Dobey - no bet
Noppert/Maendl-Lawrance - no bet
Smith/Warner - no bet
Price/van Barneveld - no bet
Heta/Clemens - if Heta was a tick better than 4/6 I'd probably go, I see this as 65/35, with Clemens maybe being underrated in the dataset this might be a wise pass
Wright/Evans - thought this might have been a sneaky spot to shove an Evans underdog flyer in given Wright's form, but it isn't
Schindler/Williams - no bet
Humphries/de Zwaan - thought maybe we could have snuck a de Zwaan bet in with him maybe picking up form and Luke maybe being a bit rusty, but barely getting more than 2/1 isn't tempting

That's the lot, probably back later this evening for round three.

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