Sunday 2 April 2023

No bets on last sixteen

Obviously pretty chuffed to have the de Decker bet come in, but despite me saying that I'll go with him basically every game going forward on Twitter, I just can't justify taking the odds against someone in such red hot form as Price is. At 3/1 (think one or two fringe places have a tick longer), I'd probably be needing the long data to be showing 40% to compensate, and I don't think we get there.

Not seeing anything else. Maybe de Sousa is a bit long, but against MvG and with not being tested at all in round two, in the absence of knowing the projections I'm happy enough to ignore that one as well. If anything else looks off, it's not by anywhere near enough to consider. As such, don't expect me back before this evening with new FRH rankings.

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