Saturday 30 March 2024

Munich day 2 thoughts

To whoever commented on day 1, yeah it does look like I missed Aspinall against Unterbuchner, I guess that scrolling down oddschecker there wasn't a line available anywhere that they'd imported, I don't think anything of value would have been lost. Anyway, today was up and down, it could have been a lot worse if de Zwaan hadn't pulled his game out when it could easily have been lost, but looking at things Soutar didn't show up, Wenig missed doubles and then Gilding didn't show up. Would I have done anything different? Probably not, we trust our reads. Still, let's put up quick reads on what round two will look like, all the qualifiers are gone so we've got a pretty vanilla field with a lot of data, I guess we find little value (tips, if any, will come in the morning) but let's see:

Smith 62/38 Dolan
Rock 64/36 Veenstra
Dobey 61/39 Ratajski
Joyce 63/37 Pietreczko
Bunting 77/23 Wattimena
Searle 67/33 Lennon
Cross 65/35 Gurney
Aspinall 54/46 van Duijvenbode
Menzies 56/44 Smith
van Veen 56/44 Noppert
Price 72/28 Wright
Humphries 76/24 Woodhouse
Schindler 55/45 Heta
van Gerwen 79/21 de Zwaan
Chisnall 54/46 van den Bergh
Cullen 51/49 Clayton

A couple of interesting ones, but when I check on the markets in the morning I don't see myself betting on much. But we'll see.

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