Sunday 3 March 2024

UK Open roundup

I know there's still the semi finals to go, but I looked this morning and the only thing that looked like it might have been small value was laying Littler - obviously that would have worked, and we can't do that more than once in the tournament. Great runs for Ricky Evans and Martin Lukeman, who both now crash the top 40 in the FRH rankings. I'll get back with full new FRH rankings when we have the tournament done, but for now, Humphries is clearly staying number one, Heta is now in the top 8 and will get past Peter Wright if he wins his semi, and go all the way to fourth if he binks, Dimitri's back in the top twenty, just one place above Littler in 17th, and can gain three places if he nicks the game with Heta. He can't get into the top ten if he binks, he'd still be more than 10k behind Chisnall, but he'll probably be very close in a couple of months regardless of what happens with how FRH ranking degradation happens. Of those lower down who got good money, Keane Barry's back up into the top 50, Mervyn King's close to the top 64, and Benjamin Reus is now up into the top 200 and rising.

In terms of betting, it was generally OK - up just shy of a unit, eliminating the majority of what we lost at the worlds and giving us a bit of a better platform as we come up to the first European Tour next weekend - although as we've previously talked about, the profitability of the European Tour from a betting perspective is going to be way, way down on what it was last season. We do have a few interesting names in there though, so let's hope they're distributed nicely and we'll see how it goes.

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