Friday 19 November 2021

Quarter final tips

Amazing how all this "should we give someone who lost more money on the Challenge Tour in entry fees than they won in prize money" debate might be moot with a half decent worlds run. Quarters it is, tips are:

Wade/Cross - Nope. Seems like it's going to be real tight. Recent form is correctly listing Cross as a small favourite, 6/5 Wade against 8/11 is maybe a little unkind on James, but he should be a dog. Evens against 10/11 is where I'd have set it.

Price/Clayton - Jonny is the favourite? Really? Looks 60/40 in favour of Gerwyn to me. Any time we can get even money on the world champion we should probably take it, 0.25u Price evs.

van Gerwen/Smith - Will Smith finally make a big tournament breakthrough? Going to have to do it the hard way if so. Market thinks 75/25, that's maybe a little harsh. 70/30 is more how I'm seeing that one, it's not enough to bet on Smith, but I certainly wouldn't be lumping van Gerwen in any sort of accumulator at 1/3.

Wright/Sherrock - My god was Suljovic poor. I'm not touching this one with a barge pole. Fallon at around 7/2 is half tempting, but this is a long format match against an elite talent. Hard to see how she takes this unless Peter completely shits the bed.

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