Tuesday 30 November 2021

Rapid WC thoughts

Just going to scroll down the draw and give thoughts:

- Good draw for Edhouse. Will be one and done, but that'll put him above Mansell and he'll lose his card as a result.
- Beaton/Sherrock will be an interesting crowd reaction. Price/Sherrock, if she gets that far (she should beat Steve, Huybrechts she'd probably be a small dog) would be really interesting.
- That's a pretty awful draw for Jeff Smith. Ross against Bunting would be a tough one to call.
- Wattimena/Koltsov could go either way. Jermaine's not exactly in red hot form and Boris has been fairly quiet this year. DvD can't complain about this draw.
- Not a bad draw for Lewy Williams really. I don't know too much about Shibata, and Clemens can certainly be beaten.
- Smith/Meulenkamp/Ashton seems routine, while O'Connor against Lauby could be spicy with the winner getting an extremely winnable second round opponent in Durrant.
- Kuivenhoven's got a good chance to climb the rankings here. That's not a bad opponent and if he's on his game then he might give Wade a few problems.
- Hunt/Krcmar is a potential contender for tie of the round. Boris looked really good yesterday, while Adam hasn't really kicked on after a very nice 2020, Vincent in round two isn't that tough of an ask for either of them.
- Evetts and Williams might go all the way, would find it hard to pick a winner. Cullen ought not to have too much trouble though.
- Kleermaker can't complain with getting John Michael. John can occasionally hit a decent leg, but sustaining anything over a five set match against a competent opponent seems too much. Whitlock would probably be a coinflip.
- Hempel against Schindler? Fuck right off. Then the winner gets Dimitri to add insult to injury. Probably the clear tie of round one.
- Hughes has got to be fairly happy with getting Smith and then Petersen. Should allow him to set a platform to climb back up towards the top 32 following the Prague win drop off.
- Lennon/Razma might be a sneakily good tie. Depends which Madars turns up, he still is a bit too up and down. Ratajski should be too solid for either though.
- Can't help but think Benecky might be a bit out of his depth against Joyce. Shame this isn't Sedlacek, as that might be a bit more competitive, and that'd mean he wouldn't need to go back to Q-School.
- Meikle/Schmutzler is going to be interesting. No idea how Fabian will do on a big stage, and Meikle's hitting form just at the right time. Wright in round two is obviously going to be tough, but nicking a set wouldn't be out of the question.
- Woodhouse/Wilson won't be a bad game. James, as mentioned below, is playing sneakily good darts, Luke hasn't really progressed as he would have like but still has a good game. Heta should handle either but neither would be drawing dead.
- Borland and Brooks is going to be a tricky one to call, William's steadily competent and Bradley has got a lot better in recent months. Searle should wipe the floor with either though.
- Interested to see what Jason Heaver can do in a longer form game. Probably the real surprise of the Pro Tour field. Similar with Rodriguez, that qualifier wasn't easy and had a lot of known games, so he shouldn't be a mug at all. Noppert won't hate the draw though.
- Lowe/Larsson doesn't seem overly inspriring, and the next round against de Sousa seems the same.
- Soutar will be fairly happy with drawing Portela, whose Challenge Tour performances haven't been great, and I don't think he'll hate having drawn Suljovic, who, after looking like he'd turned a corner in recent months, dropped an absolute stinker at Minehead.
- Murnan against Lim is going to be intriguing. Joe was red hot early in the season but has slid back a bit, while Paul is Paul. Aspinall shouldn't be too worried whoever he gets.
- Rydz might be the one player in the first round draw everyone wanted to avoid, cannot see Yamada repeating what he did two years ago and making round two. Dolan against Rydz is going to be too close to call.
- Barstow, Norman and van Gerwen doesn't excite me in the slightest.
- However, should Rusty get past Ben Robb which I think he will, him against Dobey could be explosive.
- Labanauskas ought to handle Losper (assuming there's no restriction bullshit given where he's going to be flying from) and with Chisnall having indifferent form in 2021, might be a sneaky pick to reach round 3.
- Rowby, Kenny, Humphries seems a bit of a dull section. Should be a straightforward Rodriguez then Luke.
- Lewis/Campbell isn't a bad tie. Adie ought to take it but we know Matt can cause lots of players trouble. A possible world final rematch against Gary Anderson would be a highlight of round two for sure.
- Mitchell against Landman has a real old school BDO feel about it. Scott's done well this year but Chris obviously has the talent to trouble him having come through probably the toughest qualifier there is. Ian White might be given some problems in round two, but I'd back him to solve them.
- Barney against Ilagan is going to be fun. The question is how much decent match practice Lourence will have been able to get. Cross in round two can't be particularly pleased with how this draw turned out.
- Finally, Evans against Kumar could be anything. We don't know where Nitin's game is really at, and we do know that Ricky's game is a fair bit off where it could be. Daryl Gurney is going to be liking things whichever way they turn out.

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