Tuesday 9 November 2021

So what was I saying in the last update?

Something about the Development Tour. Wow, that German kid could be something special. That's quite a lot of damage to do very early in a not exactly weak field. Won't get ahead of ourselves, will see what happens at Ally Pally, but it's exciting times again.

I've asked the Weekly Dartscast peeps who they think is the strongest player not currently in the worlds field. For me, it seems like a pretty obvious James Wilson. He's actually on the top page of my database right now with scoring for the year of just under 92, slotting in between the ever deadly Mervyn King, the major winner Daryl Gurney, the former world champion Adrian Lewis and the upstart that is Florian Hempel. He's lacking sample size a bit with about a 45% leg win rate over less than 400 legs played (by contrast, Gurney has won that many this season), but it's perhaps an indication that he's been running into tricky draws.

Who else? It looks razor sharp as to whether Jason Lowe will make it, I think he's close to the last man out as of right now, I think it's fair to say he's had nowhere near as good a season as in 2020, but he's not played bad at all. Andy Boulton and Scott Waites are only fractions behind, as are the ever dangerous Krzysztof Kcuik and Karel Sedlacek, hopefully one can bink a regional qualifier.

In general, the worlds field is beginning to fill up. We've got pretty much all the remaining ones over the next couple of weekends, so let's see what goes on.

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