Sunday 29 May 2022

Any last 16 value?

OK, looks like lines are finally up, and I think there's three players that are close to plays. Gilding's the first of them, I'm thinking he should be 6/4 and we can actually get 2/1, albeit only on Unibet. This is very close, and I wouldn't hate the play if you can get the Unibet price - anywhere else isn't good enough. Second is Heta - we can get slightly odds against when I think he should be about a 4/5 favourite. 13/10 that's available on 365 and Betfred is extremely close to being value and I should probably recommend the play, but Smith looked extremely good yesterday and Heta had some pretty average legs even outside of the clownshow one where all the doubles were missed (he wasn't exactly scoring heavy then missing like a dozen in that one, he wasn't on a finish after fifteen), so I can just about prevent myself from pulling the trigger. Last one is Dobey, but this one isn't as close as the others. 1/2 I think would have been about right, he is only 4/6 on one minor book and 8/13 generally available, Dobey looked good in defeating our tip yesterday, but King's just got a big win which might spur him on, so I can pass on that. So nothing here, but if you want to take those three, they still represent plays that aren't bad. Off work tomorrow, so should come back with ranking updates then.

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