Friday 27 May 2022

Zwolle day 1 bets

Oddschecker is actually working, it's a miracle. On short notice here so will blast through with minimal commentary:

Krcmar/Lennon - no bet.
Williams/Edhouse - no bet, but kind of close to going Edhouse.
Boulton/Meikle - 0.25u Meikle 10/11, looks a good favourite here.
Scutt/Waites - no bet.
Burness/Smith - no bet.
Gilding/Plaisier - no bet, model says no, head wonders if this isn't Gilding as I don't know if Plaisier's level of play is sustainable.
Larsson/Vandenbogaerde - no bet, lack of data on Daniel but he's looked a bit better of late.
Bialecki/Klaasen - no bet.
Mansell/Zonneveld - no bet, real close to Zonneveld. Odds against and not evens and we probably go.
Wattimena/Eidams - no bet, no real data on Eidams but Jermaine's not really good enough to justify a near 3/1 on punt.
Bellmont/King - no bet, but pondering Bellmont. Can get 7/2, not looked too bad in limited showings, King not having a great year. Wouldn't hate a small flier.
Whitlock/Hughes - 0.1u Hughes 11/10, this is kind of close to the Zonneveld/Edhouse situations but we're getting just enough in terms of odds to go small.
Kleermaker/Rydz - no bet.
Noppert/Konterman - no bet, but 6/1 on someone who's come through a Dutch associate qualifier at least has to be considered. Pity it's versus Noppert.
Jansen/van der Voort - 0.1u Jansen 5/4, pretty much the same scenario as above but slightly better. Somewhere's offering longer odds than this but oddschecker is 404'ing the breakdown. If you can get wherever is saying 27/20 then maybe crank it up to a quarter unit.
Chisnall/Razma - no bet.

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