Sunday 1 May 2022

ET4 quarters

Congrats to James Richardson for nicking a close decider against Klaasen to bink the secondary Danish event just now, in terms of Austria, Bunting was in a close one as expected but got home with the odd break, Jansen not so much. Elsewhere there were a lot of one sided games, mostly going the way we expected outside of Noppert over Clayton maybe, but Wade forced MvG to a decider and Clemens did the same to Cross, so we're down to Noppert/Cullen, Evans/Aspinall, van Duijvenbode/van Gerwen and Cross/Bunting. Do we like any bets?

Well, there's nowt in the first game. I can't split them and the bookies can't either, only one book's making any sort of call and that's marginally in the favour of Cullen, their winning legs are basically identical with Cullen getting slightly more four visit kills compared to six, but Cullen's got a point of advantage in losing legs, so moving on.

Evans/Aspinall looks about the same, no bet here. I see a bit over two in three chances for Nathan, not quite 70%, and we're generally being chucked 4/9, 2/5 types of lines. Ricky's got his chances but Nathan is that bit stronger.

DvD/MvG should be a lot of fun, but we're getting the same sorts of lines as above, maybe MvG being a bit shorter with lines floating on the short side of 2/5 rather than the long side. This is maybe slightly short, I've got van Duijvenbode as winning slightly more than one time in three, but we can only get 2/1. 3% worth of edge isn't quite the sort of margin that I'm looking for.

Then there's a second all-English match. Again, this looks like a correct line. This was the last game to be finalised so some bookies are being tardy, but where I am seeing a line it's putting Cross at about 4/6 where I see him having a 59% shot at winning it.

So I won't be back after the quarters, as they all look pretty much spot on, unless they're miraculously misestimating both players in a match (which I doubt, we only found one bet in round two after all), then the semi final lines are likely to be correct. Will have new rankings back later this evening.

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