Saturday 28 May 2022

Zwolle last 16 thoughts

Word in advance, I definitely will not be able to get anything into play for the evening session, looks to me that most books are being incredibly lax in terms of getting lines up for the afternoon session, so I'm just going to post up where I'm expecting the lines to be for now, then will make a quick post in the morning hoping they've caught up.

Meikle/Krcmar - Straight coinflip
Wright/Noppert - 6/4 Noppert
Whitlock/Larsson - Who knows, real lack of data on Larsson
van Gerwen/Rydz - 9/4 Rydz
Chisnall/van Duijvenbode - 5/4 Chizzy
Searle/Gilding - 6/4 Gilding
Heta/Smith - 5/4 Smith
King/Dobey - 2/1 King

I'm not entirely sure looking at that what will represent value, but I'm thinking Dobey might be the play, possibly Heta as well. We'll see in the morning.

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