Friday 20 May 2022

Stuttgart day 1 - just the bets

0.5u Gilding 3/10, as thought, this isn't short enough on 365. Betfair are much shorter than this, Ladbrokes much the same. I see no realistic way Michael wins this one.

0.25u Zonneveld 11/10, same bookie, enough of an edge to bet this, would have hoped for a little bit longer but this'll do.

Close to Szaganski at just longer than 2/1 but recent form and possible lack of stage experience makes me halt. Wouldn't hate the punt.

Williams at even is really, really tempting, but it's a case of how much stock I put into consistency. After all, the projection which disregards that says it's a flip.

0.25u Rafferty 4/5, this seems way off. Did Horvat have a good quali or something? I think even peak Dragutin doesn't make this a bad bet and there's a severe lack of evidence we have that.

Sedlacek is close to being worth a short stab, but it'd only be for 0.1u and I don't think it's really worth chasing this even if the line moves to better than 3/1.

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