Tuesday 14 April 2020

Darts at Home

Oh, so they did announce it. Seems a little bit underwhelming - as I mooted a month ago, this sort of thing would have been perfect to chuck in players from their affiliated tours - if someone has to get up at a silly hour in the far East or Oz, so be it. Work around it. I can kind of get them wanting to be protectionist of tour card holders, and a lot of the top non-card holders are getting some nice coverage right now from Modus's tournaments etc, if, in a comparable example, players from Japan and Singapore will stay up until/get up at 4am to play in a tournament at Tetris for no prize money (no, really), then I'm sure Asada can set his alarm clock.

This leaves two questions - do I track it? I'm thinking no. Do I bet it? Fuck yes, I'll post up thoughts but I won't make any official tips. Probably just look at group winning odds and see where the edge is.

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