Thursday 23 April 2020

Home Tour 9-12

Novelty is wearing off quite quickly given how the groups have been set up, and groups 9-12 look incredibly dull.

Group 9's Michael Smith, Kleermaker, Ward and Clark - now maybe Martijn can do something but as he plays Smith first game we can watch and then turn off if he loses.

Group 10's a little bit more interesting with Aspinall, Joyce, Stevenson and Steve Brown, maybe Joyce can make it a bit exciting, but if Stevenson turns him over in game 2 of the night, then again we can probably turn it off.

Group 11 looks bad in terms of entertainment - Whitlock/Tabern is about as good as it gets and while that should at least be competitive, a supporting cast of Mike van Duivenbode and Kirk Shepherd isn't anything to grab my attention.

Group 12's at least a bit unpredictable with Hopp, Keegan Brown, de Decker and Whitehead - I wouldn't like to call that one at all.

Looks like I'm losing another group bet with Klaasen 2-0 up on throw against Meikle to sweep the Clemens group, sigh.

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