Wednesday 1 April 2020

TA Pro Tour, events 1-2

I've done all the legwork now - I've got all 152 players into one table with all their ratings, I've randomised who misses out and who comes in from event 7 onwards, I've randomised the seedings from there, and I've made the draws for the first two events. So, without further ado, here's the draws:

Event 1

Event 2

Potential highlights? King/Huybrechts, Suljovic/Woodhouse, de Sousa/van Duijvenbode, Price/Petersen, Anderson/Smith all look good in the first one, while in the second, van Gerwen/Hopp with Anderson on an adjoining board, Smith/Petesen, de Zwaan/van Duijvenbode (even when we're doing it for fun Dirk still gets bastard draws), de Sousa/Smith, Cullen/Humphries and Dobey/Heta would all be worth the watch I'd have thought. Will stick this out on Twitter, then when I'm back from my government-mandated walk, I'll sim the first two. Will the big guns work their way through? Will someone shock the world and give us a new winner? Only time will tell.

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