Saturday 18 April 2020

PDC Home Tour continues to replicate normal events

- Lay the hell out of Price
- See Price 3-0 down to Woodhouse
- Stream dies
- Stream won't refresh
- See Betfair market is suspended
- Check DartConnect
- See Luke's completed the whitewash and hit a nine
- Get paid

Well, at least Woody's stream quality was a bit better, it seems as if there's an inverse correlation between quality of internet and world ranking given how bad Price's setup was as well as Wright's yesterday (at least they're not on dial-up like Gary Anderson), with that done I'm switching to the RDL, we'll see how that goes, want to catch me some Quiff and Hogan for sure.

Probably watch Chizzy/Waites tomorrow, but the rest of the group really doesn't do it for me, may stick around for Dekker/Worsley just to see where they're at right now, but after that I'll give it a miss. As I think I stated before, group four looks a fair bit more interesting. They could do with announcing groups 5-8 any time now though...

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